Minggu, 14 November 2010

Photo "Level 3" of the south Korean stars

Photo "Level 3" of the south Korean stars Certainly many people will be surprised to "see" the photos "invaluable" by the Korean heartthrob. It seems that when placed next to "level 3 image" of themselves, they seem to other people ...
Let's enjoy the pictures in the diploma student's time some male stars in Korea ...
Bi Rain

Look at old pictures and compare them with Rain Rain today and see, you'll imagine they are two completely different people. Rain of time seems to go school does not have the temperament as well as smile "charm" as Rain now - a singer, a famous actor, Lee Young Jae a personality full of "Full House" .

Lee Dong Gun

Viewers see a picture of actor Lee Dong Gun "Paris love story" that he would definitely have come from the aristocracy. But from the time the image of his students, we do not see the image "noble" was first. Looks like not only looks but also the air quality inside of him also is due later on "training" that is.

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  1. oh my god...

    it's too different, may the have taken plastic operation???

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